Walter Jones is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District. Jones recently won his primary against a former Bush Administration official and lobbyist for the financial industry. He is up for re-election to the United States House this November.

Prior to his congressional career, Jones served in the North Carolina National Guard, was the Manager of the Walter B. Jones Office Supply company and served as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Walter Jones has paid a price for bucking leadership and being a moderate Republican in today’s political climate. The Republican establishment, led by House Speaker John Boehner, recently removed Jones from the House Financial Services Committee. In addition to Jones’ removal from a prestigious committee assignment, the Republican establishment also funded primary challengers to Jones by supporting a former Bush Administration official and lobbyist for the financial industry in his recent primary.

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Walter Jones

North Carolina, 3rd Congressional District (Open) – Republican

Why We Chose Walter Jones

Representative Jones is the only Republican Member of Congress to publicly support changing the way campaigns are funded. He is the only Republican co-sponsor to the Government by the People Act — legislation to match small donors’ contributions with public funds as a way to boost the voices of ordinary Americans. He was also the only Republican to support the DISCLOSE Act, legislation to reveal the donors behind dark money campaign advertisements. In addition to supporting reform legislation, Jones is a vocal critic of recent Supreme Court rulings – Citizens United v FEC and McCutcheon v FEC – those decisions dramatically increased the influence of moneyed interests over politics and policy-making.

District Overview

North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional district is located in the eastern part of the state. It’s considered a solid Republican district, despite the fact that North Carolina’s controversial 2012 redistricting made it slightly less Republican. According to Cook Political Report, in 2012 it was the 104th most Republican district in the country.

NC-3 had one of the most unusual primaries this year because it featured an incumbent, Jones, facing off against a challenger backed by DC establishment groups, including major Republican-funded Super PACs, Taylor Griffin. The race was extremely close, and Jones and Griffin were nearly forced into a runoff.

This is a district where the primary contest is not right vs. left, it’s right vs. wrong — DC elite and GOP heavy-hitters attempting to reclaim a district from a pro-reform, moderate Republican.

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