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Tell Us What Races MAYDAY PAC Should Target

Please remember, we are looking at U.S. House and U.S. Senate races only.

Here are the selection criteria:


We want a plausible path to victory where MAYDAY can make the difference.

Not only must victory be possible, but we must make sure that it was clear that our involvement, as well as the issue of corruption, was seen as the determining factor in victory.

We want to target bad actors and support good ones.

Not only must we target those politicians who are clearly captured by special interests and stand against reform, we must also support candidates who will fight for a fundamental change in Congress and will champion the issue in the halls of power, in their home districts, and in the media.

We want to use our resources where they will be cost-effective.

While the amount of money we have raised is staggering, it is still a finite amount and must be used wisely. When it comes down to it, we want to be able to make the biggest impact with the smallest cost possible.

We want our work to have a “ripple-effect,” proving that MAYDAY is a powerful threat to incumbency.

In 2014, we cannot fight in every district - only five. Our ability to win the Congress dedicated to reform in 2016 is to make it clear to incumbents that our victory was not an outlier or due to special circumstances. Rather, they must see similarities in the districts and races we choose and their own.