More Ways to Help

I’ve donated, but now what?

Share. The single most important thing you can do now is to share this site and the message and the idea.

If you have a blog or website, you can use the banners and buttons on our embed page to get the word out.

You can tweet, facebook, or blog the campaign using the social media markers on the main page. Be sure to use the name of the site, MAYDAY.US, and the hashtag #MaydayPAC.

You can also add our tracking widget by including this code in your site:

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The next step toward making the Mayday super PAC successful is reaching out to friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and expanding our reach. Can you help by sending a message to your network about this campaign?

There are easy ways to do this —like sharing on Twitter and Facebook — but the most impactful way is through a personal e-mail message. Here’s an example:

Giving money to a super PAC is one of the last things I thought I’d ever do… but I just did.

I recently joined Lawrence Lessig’s citizen-funded Mayday PAC, an ambitious campaign to win a Congress committed to ending corruption in 2016, and we did something amazing: we reached over $5 million in pledges in just one month - with only 9 hours to spare before the deadline!

That’s a ton of money, but it’s not enough. Now begins the hard part - running campaigns to change five districts during this election cycle, in a way that makes it clear that the most important issue was the role that money plays in politics.

I’m writing to my friends and family to ask them to find out more about the Mayday PAC’s mission of electing a Congress dedicated to reform by 2016, and learning how they plan to do so through citizen-funded campaigns. And, if they agree with the plan and the message, to pass the word on further.

I don’t have to tell you why this is important. We all know our government is dismally dysfunctional because politicians spend all their time raising money instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do. So our plan is to fight fire with fire: raise the money needed to elect representatives that are committed to the reform we so desperately need.

You can read all about the Mayday PAC via our web site,, but once you do, please consider joining me in spreading the word. It’d mean the world to have your support.

Yours, (Your name here)

Do you have some buttons I can use?

Yes we do: go to our Social Buttons & Embedded Graphics page

What more beyond sharing?

Create and pester.

Create: Tell your story. Tell this story. Explain to your friends why this issue matters. And through that telling, you will help us understand how to make it more compelling. Use the #MaydayPAC hashtag, and again, be sure to share what you’ve created with us and with your friends.

Pester: We will win only when we have a majority in Congress committed to fundamental reform. If you go to, you can see where your representatives stand on fundamental reform. If they’re on the wrong side, pester them to get on the right side. And if you convert someone, let us know.

I can’t stress this enough: Only by sending personal appeals to the people in your support networks, online and off, will we reach people, especially those who desperately want to fix the problems that the influence of money in politics causes, but have become so cynical they dare not get their hopes up. Tell them what we’ve accomplished so far – and what we hope to accomplish. But most importantly, let them know that their support is extremely important to you.

Can I sign up to volunteer online?

Yes! When you sign up for our newsletter, you will have an opportunity to volunteer and share your skills with us.

What about offline?

Spread the word, face to face. Talk to people in your social groups, your clubs, and ask them to support MAYDAY.US. Get people together and organized working for change. Contact your local Congressman and tell them that you want legislation that provides for citizen-funded elections, and if they’re not receptive, let people know.

I’m not an American, but I want to help.

If you’re not a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., unfortunately you cannot donate, but you can still volunteer with technical help, or help to spread the message. And remember – the issues we fight for here are issues in every democracy. Be sure to get informed and involved locally.

Can I connect with other supporters of the Mayday PAC?

Sure! We have a variety of ways to connect: